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We all are aware that the Bangladesh economy emerged as one of the most sustained growth economy in the world. The economy grew at an average rate of 6.20 percent over the last decade. Very recently the GDP growth has been declared at 7.24 percent which is significantly up from the previous financial year. The per capita national income reached USD$ 1,602.00 significantly up than a year earlier. The macroeconomic stability has remained stable with the continuance of fiscal prudence, lower inflation, surplus current account balance and robust foreign exchange reserves. Inflation gradually came down and year on year inflation in financial year 2015-16 slid down to 5.92 percent.

Export recorded growth rate of 9.77 percent, while import grew 5.45 percent in financial year 2015-16. Despite slightly contraction of remittance inflow, the decrease in the deficit of trade, service and primary account, the current account balance recorded a surplus of USD$ 3,706 million. Aided by the increase in foreign direct investment and medium and long term, loans in capital and financial account, the foreign exchange reserves crossed the USD$ 32 billion mark. Exchange rate broadly remained stable during financial year 2015-2016. Moreover, lending interest rate fell, which is expected to encourage investment further in the country.

Now let us focus on the business performance of our First Finance Ltd., for the year ended 31st December 2016. Our total operating income stood at BDT 332,625,363 while the operating expenses was BDT 198,681,833 yielding profit before provision BDT 133,943,530. Finally our retained earnings carried forwarded to BDT 63,648,566 while our profit after taxation was BDT 50,124,609. Our company is engaged in Small and Medium Enterprises, Machinery Lease Finances, Agricultural Sector Finances, Industrial Sector Finances and House Loan finances. Mean time, we have strengthen our recovery efforts forming Central Recovery cell in addition to our Head Office recovery team. Hence our NPL is decreasing rapidly. We have set target to prevent a very healthy and sound Balance Sheet in near future.