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1Every employee shall serve the company honestly and faithfully and shall maintain strict secrecy of its affairs and the affairs of its -co statements. He shall endeavor to make all efforts to promote the interests of the co. and shall show courtesy and attention in all transactions with the co\'s constituents and the public
2No employees of the company can take part in politics and elections.
3No employee of the co. shall take part in, subscribe in aid of or assist in any way any political movement in Bangladesh or outside the country and / or in any other activities detrimental to the interests of the company.
4No employee of the co. shall canvas or otherwise interfere or use his influence in connection with or take part in any election to a legislative body and/or local bodies whether in Bangladesh or elsewhere.
5No employee shall absent himself from his duties, nor leave his station overnight, without prior permission of the competent authority.
6No employee shall make any personal representation to any Director other than the CEO. Such representation should be made through the immediate superior officer.
7No employee shall accept nor permit any member of his family to accept any gift from a constituent or from a sub-ordinate employee of the Company. This regulation shall also apply in the case of gifts offered by persons likely to have dealings with the company and candidates for employment in the company.
8No employee shall indulge in regionalism, favoritism, polarization, degeneration, obstruct or frustrate team efforts, create hostility, intolerance, resentments, internal feuds, sectarian feeling and coercive or favorite grouping.

  General Conduct

1Except with the permission of the Board, no employee shall obtain unsecured debt to an extent exceeding his emoluments for two months. Every employee incurring unsecured liabilities in excess of two months emoluments shall submit a statement of his financial position to the management on the 31st December each year until the loan is repaid. The statement shall indicate the steps taken by the employee to liquidate the liability.
2Borrow money from or in any way place himself under pecuniary obligation to a broker or money lender or any employee of the company or any firm or person having dealings with the company.
3Buy or sell stocks, shares, or securities or engage himself/herself in any speculative business.
4Lend money in his private capacity to a constituent of the company or have personal dealings with a constituent in the purchase or sale of bills of exchange, Government paper or any other securities.
5Except with the permission of the competent authority, guarantee in his private capacity the pecuniary obligations of another person or agree to indemnify in such capacity another person from loss.
6Be connected with the formation or management of a Joint Stock Company.
7Accept, or seek any outside employment or office, whether stipendiary or honorary, without the previous sanction of the competent authority, Provided that nothing in this rule shall be deemed to prohibit an employee from making a bona-fide investment of his own funds in such stock, shares and securities as he may wish to buy.
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