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    Key Features

1Minimum Deposit Amount : Tk. 10,000 (Effective Date: February 15, 2016)
2Minimum Deposit Term : 5 years 9 Months (Effective Date: 3rd December , 2018)
3Taxes will be deducted from the profit earned on deposit scheme as per Government rules on payment thereof.
4Interest rates are subject to change at any time without notice.

    The followings are required along with the application

1A copy of recent passport size photograph of both the depositor and the nominee.
2Copy of National ID/Passport/E-TIN Certificate.
3Compliance with KYC (Know your Customer) guideline of Bangladesh Bank.

    Aspects of Deposit Schemes

1EligibilityAny Bangladeshi adult citizen, Proprietorship or Partnership concern, Limited Company, Club, Society, Trustee, NGO, Educational Institution and Non-Resident Bangladesh can open deposit account.
2Nomination FacilityA Depositor can nominate one or more individuals as his/her nominee who can withdraw the deposit amount with profit in case of death or at the instruction of the depositor.
3Account OperationYou can apply signally or jointly. In case of joint account, there is option to have the account operated by either or survivor, or anyone to survivor(s) of the joint depositors to operate the account singly.
4Mode of DepositYou can deposit either by way of A/C payee chequeen or Pay Order or Demand Draft of any schedule bank or account deposit in favor of FFL.
5Deposit ReceiptFor each scheme, a Deposit Receipt will be issued in favor of the depositor(s). You should keep it safely as you have to discharge the Receipt at the time of encashment.
6Maturity and RenewalThe maturity will be dependent on the day of deposit. At maturity, the deposit will be renewed with profit unless notice is given to the contrary to FFL
7Loan Against DepositA depositor can avail loan(s) up to 80% of the deposited amount. The rate of interest would be 2.50% higher than the rate of interest on existing deposit.
8Encashment of DepositOn maturity or at least after 3 months of the deposit, unless instructed otherwise and acceptable by FFL, repayment will be made by crossed chequeen favoring the first named depositor upon receipt of duly discharge Deposit Receipt. If maturity falls on any holiday, repayment shall be made on the next working.
9Renewal of DepositUnless any written request for renewal is received at least three days before the date of maturity, the deposit will be automatically renewed for the same period and scheme, at the prevailing rate of return.
10Premature WithdrawalFor all products, premature withdrawal will be allowed only after 3 months. In case of premature withdrawal, at the discretion of FFL return on your deposit interest will be calculated at 3% less than the prevailing rate applicable for the period for which the deposit has been maintained. Before 3 months we pay only principal amount subject to prior approval from Bangladesh Bank.

As the rate of return is subject to change from time to time please contact FFL to know the prevailing rate of return before placing your deposits.

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